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Free Software Contributions in November 2015

This post came in a bit late, because I was unsure of what to write. I’ve been pretty busy this month with work and some family matters, so my contributions were pretty much non existant. Or so I thought. Then I remembered:

Contribution to Free Software is not just writing code, it’s anything you do for the improvement of a Free Software project.

This includes bug reports, translations, meetings, promotion, etc. And I’ve done plenty of those.

Let’s see now: (in what ever order I remember them)

Linux Workspace Setup

After following a course on Coursera, I’ve seen something I’ve liked and thought on how can I improve it.

So I came up with this:

The GeekAliens Linux Workspace Setup

A forked GitHub repository with Linux configuration files which I’ve customized to my likings and thought that this can be useful for anybody.