Brain Salad

About me

My name is Ovidiu-Florin BOGDAN and I’m a hacker, Open Source advocate and a Linux and KDE enthusiast.

You can find out more about me on my public profiles, from the links at the top of my blog.

About the Blog

This blog started from my desire to share with the world my life experiences, especially the world of technology and Open Source.

It’s not my intention to provide here tutorials on how to do some stuff, if those tutorials are already out there. I’ll post here tutorials and personal opinions on the things I come across.

I don’t have many expectations that this blog will become very popular that’s why some of it’s content will probably become out of date or I won’t update or add new articles, tutorials, or experiments to often.

What will you find on this site:

I like to code, so the first thing that you will find are tutorials about coding in different programming languages. Electronics and robotics are also some of my passions, so you can expect to find related articles as soon as I’ll gain more experience in those areas.