Brain Salad

Day 7 and last at Akademy 2016

This was my last day at this year’s Akademy, because the next day I took off back home. This day wasn’t very active, for me, at least. The day trip took place today, so most people were not at the venue, and visiting Berlin. Me, the Kubuntu team and the WikiToLearn team, and a few other people decided to stay behind and hack.

I took the opportunity this day to get an interview from Riccardo IACONELLI, the god father of WikiToLearn, for the Kubuntu Podcast. It was a fun interview, especially since I was alone to take it, so I didn’t have separate devices for video and audio. I managed to borrow a phone from someone and have the video recorded with it, and record the audio with mine.

On the Kubuntu side, we continued with some planning, and discussions about how to go on with the project. I won’t give any details here. The Kubuntu Council election is supposed to end on Monday (12th of september), and we want to have a meeting and discuss the Kubuntu Vision (Manifesto) with the new council.

During this day, we watched some of the talks from QtCon, which we haven’t managed to get to.

I’ve also discussed with Matthias Klumpp about AppStream, and how to fix an issue we’ve been having with Gwenview on Kubuntu. This would require some development, and a good grasp of how AppStream works.

And that was about it.

I’d like to thank the Ubuntu Community Council for funding me for this very productive trip, and especially the Kubuntu community for their donations, with out which none of this would have been possible. Thank you very much.