Brain Salad

Day 4 at Akademy / QtCon 2016

Day 4 started with a getting to know each other session with my new room mates. They seemed like nice guys. They are travelers, going around the world, making a living with their art (music and graphics). We exchanged experiences, and gave each other advice on many life related aspects.

Since this was our (me and Phillip) only night in a dorm room, we started packing as soon as we woke up, and went to the reception to switch rooms. After that it was off to the venue with us.

I wanted to catch a few presentations in the morning, but I was too tired, and so were the others, so we missed them. We didn’t get to attend to many presentations this day, even though it was the last day of QtCon. We mostly stayed and hacked.

I tortured my brain in trying to find how to use the global settings in KDevelop about CMake in CMake projects. I didn’t get some things, and asked Kevin Funk, and he pointed out the obvious, so I went back to my desk and cringed some more. I’ve experimented with a few things, and I think I eventually made id, but I didn’t have the time to test, because the ending keynotes started.

Blue KDE T-shirt

I managed, before the keynotes (or during, I don’t remember exactly) to get an interview from Jesper K. Pedersen, the COO and HR Director of KDAB, for the Kubuntu Podcast. An awesome company that collaborates a lot with KDE and the Qt project and community. Many of their employees are KDE developers as well.

I finally found a blue KDE T-shirt. I’ve been looking for this model like crazy. Everybody told me they don’t exist anymore, but, alas, here it was.

After the event, we went to eat dinner at Hard Rock Cafe Berlin. It was AWESOME!! The music, the food, the drinks, AMAZING!! I’d love to have one in my city and go there every day. The waiters in there are the most friendly and helpful people ever.

Beer Hard Rock Cafe Berlin

Food Hard Rock Cafe Berlin

It was a great day.