Brain Salad

First day of Akademy / QtCon 2016

Being a huge lover of the KDE community and KDE software, I couldn’t stay away and not participate at Akademy this year as well. This time it’s held in Berlin, and it’s being held together with QtCon. Also participating to QtCon is VideoLAN and FSFE. Amongst the organization was also KDAB.

I’ve booked my trip in advance with a couple of months I think, and I booked a room at a hostel together with Phillip Muskovac (yofel) from Kubuntu. Since the stay was pretty long, it was rather difficult finding a single or double room spanning over so many nights. But we managed to get 5 Kubuntu members under the same roof. Valorie and Scarlett arrived first, then me, the day after, and the next day Phillip and Clive. By the end of the day (1st of September) we were all here.

On my way here, I met with David Faure in the Munich airport.


Now this wasn’t without some hiccups… No sir… I got to the hostel, and found that I have mistakenly booked a dorm room with 10 beds, instead of a double room. It wasn’t bad, it’s just that I couldn’t leave my stuff in the room without locking it in a locker, not even if I went to the toilet, you never know who’s in the room with you.

I’ve talked to the reception and, after one night in the dorm room, they’ve managed to find me and Phillip a double room reservation: 2 nights in a double room, 1 night in a dorm, and the rest of the nights in a double room… eh… I’ll have to pay more attention next time. Of course we had to pay the difference.

Ok, so with the hostel all sorted out, I went for the venue to participate at the event. In the first day there were scheduled a few trainings. I chose (and payed for) the CMake training, since I’ve been struggling a lot with the online training materials I’ve found. The class was pretty comprehensive, but kind of lacking in practical work, of which I understood there will be more of.

Lunch and some food and beer for dinner (not a full dinner, just some appetizers) were served by the organizers at the venue.

Selfie with BogDan Vatră

After the training we gathered for some drinks and talks. I’ve finally met BogDan Vatră, the guy who ported Qt to Android, who’s also a romanian, and we talked a bit about our passion for tech. I’ve also met with Kevin Funk and Millian Wolf from KDevelop, and had a good chat with them too.


In the late evening, I got together with the Kubuntu folks at the hostel bar, and done some hacking, before we went out for dinner and a short walk, and then back to the hostel for more hacking and catching up with each other.

I’ve looked into the issues of compiling KDevelop 5 on Kubuntu, since I want to do some work on KDevelop. I’ve republished my blog, and blogged about it, and now I’m off to bed.

Good night, and happy hacking tomorrow.