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My first 3D print

No, I did not finish my 3D printer yet, but I have done my first 3D print.

The cap for the wind shield liquid container of my car broke (it’s old, very old), and I needed a replacement.


I came to my computer, took some measurements and drew it in FreeCAD. It was a bit of a challenge, because I’m not exactly an expert in 3D design, but I managed to pull it through (with some help from this youtube clip).


Once I finished the design, I opened 3DHubs, learned the difference between PLA and ABS plastics, and chose a hub to print it for me.

After some discussion with the hub owner, the part got printed and I picked it up the next day.
IMG_20160621_060122 IMG_20160621_060137
It needed a bit of sanding in order to fit. This was expected, since I wasn’t 100% sure of my measurements. And it fits.


STL available here: Capac.stl.

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  1. Great! instead it was easier to buy?

    • Ovidiu-Florin Ovidiu-Florin

      If I would have found one, probably. But surely it wouldn’t have been as fun as making it myself.

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