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On my way to CERN for a KDE Sprint


Time has been crazy lately for me. So crazy that, I haven’t even managed to blog about many things that I wish I’ve had. And because time is till crazy (haven’t finished packing and taking off in a few hours), I’m blogging about this trip in the last 100 meters.

The story goes like this:

Last Akademy, I found out about the WikiToLearn project and that they have joined the KDE community. I could write a whole series about what WikiToLearn is, so I won’t go into all it’s details. In short it’s a encyclopedia for students to organize their curriculum and share the knowledge.

I thought this project was awesome, but because I’m not a student any more, for me personally is not of much use. So I was a bit hesitant to get involved. But then I remembered that I’m not alone in the world, and if I can help others, why not? So I joined their telegram group and hung around, watching as the project grows and helping where/when I could.

The kept announcing that they have made a partnership with many institutions, universities mostly. But recently they announced a partnership with CERN and that they plan to organize a sprint there. How’s that for awesome accomplishments? Great job guys!!

The sprint would be organized under the KDE umbrella, so, many other KDE projects wanted to join the sprint. So I hopped on board as well.

My plan is to work on the KDE techbase wiki and improve the beginners section, get some interviews for the Kubuntu Podcast, do some coding, and other things. Ooooo!! And the most important thing: Meet new awesome people, and meet again the awesome people I already know.

I’ll also finally meet face to face Andrea Del Sarto, who is a designer from KDE and also the editor of the Kubuntu Podcast. We’ll be able to experiment with some video editing and some audio editing. I’m bringing some audio/video equipment, and he is as well.

I hope we’ll all have good fun there and make progress on our projects.

Also I’d like to mention that this would not be possible without the support of our community and without their donations. If you’d like to keep helping us, please consider making a donation to KDE, so that we may keep these sprints going, where we all work to make the KDE software better.

P.S. I wrote this blog post on my way to the airport. I need to thank my awesome wife for driving me 😀