Brain Salad

Free Software Contributions in October 2015

I’ve had the idea for a while now to write a blog post at the end of each month where to summarize my contributions in Free Software for the previous month, the purpose being to keep track of my contributions. So here’s my first attempt:

This month began with a super KDE Sprint for KDevelop and Kate. I’ve mentioned the things I did and learned in my previous blog post.

During this sprint I’ve had the great opportunity to meet more of the KDE developers and talk with them about many things related or not to KDE. In fact, one of the developers I’ve met there,I’ve interviewed in this month’s Kubuntu Podcast, together with Aaron Honeycutt and Rick Timmis.

This brings me to the next thing: Kubuntu Podcast episode #5. In this episode we interviewed Eike Hein, and asked him all sorts of questions about how KDE is organised and what are his contributions to the KDE projects. After this, we started discussing a topic that raised many myths in the Kubuntu community: „The future of Kubuntu”; where we stated that Kubuntu will continue, and the Kubuntu Council is doing it’s best together with the Ubuntu Community Council to resolve the issues we had.

Last month, me, Aaron and Clay became Kubuntu Council members, and we announced it during the show.

Made some minor fixes to the Kubuntu website, like broken links or phrasing.

Integrated many Romanian translations in KDE projects, most of them fixing the î/â, sînt/sunt issue.

Created RSS feeds for Mp3 and Ogg for the Kubuntu Podcast. I’ve tried to generate them and use Google Drive for storage, but direct linking through Google Drive turned out to be a big problem for the feeds, so I ended up getting some inspiration from the Jupiter Broadcasting feeds, and wrote ours by hand, and I’m currently hosting the audio files on my VPS. We’ll probably move them to a Kubuntu owned hosting in the future.

This month Kubuntu 15.10 got released, but I’ll talk more about this in the next Kubuntu Podcast.

Uuuuh, and I’ve done lot’s of promotion on Social media. Let’s never forget that.


I think this is pretty much it. It’s been a busy month, both at work and in my personal life, so I haven’t managed to write much code this month. But I’ve looked over the code of Kompare to identify a bug. I’ve found some things in there that need more attention than I can give for now. I hope I haven’t forgotten anything.