Brain Salad

KDevelop & Kate KDE Sprint in Berlin

At the beginning of this month, KDE held a sprint for KDevelop and Kate, where a bunch of us met and coded like crazy.

I was the first to arrive, in the morning of the 7th of October and around 10, and since I couldn’t get in the apartment till 14 I had some time to kill. So I decided to go for a little sight seeing in the nearby park.

In the evening people started to arrive, and started coding before unpacking. My first impression of them was: „These people really love to code”.

During this sprint I’ve worked on several things:

I’ve improved the docker image with the Qt Android applications using CMake build toolchain, and done some tests with my QML android app.

I’ve started building KDevelop on Windows. I say started because I’ve never managed to finish it. Why? Because I ran out of disk space on my Windows tablet while building KF5.

But, putting all this aside, most importantly I’ve learned many things from the others. Most importantly: „Code for fun; Code because I like it; Code because I want to do something right. Don’t treat these projects like a job, where if I don’t do everything I’ll get fired.” (Milian Wolff – He didn’t say it exactly like that, but close enough)

I’ve learned how to better balance my free time, and work on my hobbies when I’m in the right state of mind, and well rested; and to stop being stressed all the time because there are bugs in the code and they need urgent fixing.

I can say that since then, I’ve changed my approach and I’m now more relaxed, and less stressed. I’ve organised myself better, and my contributions are more compact.