Brain Salad

Raspberry Pi Geocache kit

I won a Raspberry Pi Geocache kit and it arrived yesterday, so I decided to go ahead and pursue my wish to have a vlog, and what better opportunity than now.

I’ve rigged some rubber bands to my lamp to hold my phone in place and after a few short tests: away I go: Let the unboxing start!

After the recording was finished I used KDE Connect to get the video files to my laptop and then what else but Kdenlive to edit it. I’ve learned a few things while doing this:

  • Split the audio from the video
  • Un-group everything
  • Start cutting out the unwanted parts (move them on different tracks)
  • Save at every success
  • Remove the tracks with the unwanted parts
  • Use the remove empty space function to align everything
  • Add effects (and intro, outro if you have something like this)
  • Review and Render

And there! My first vlog is out:

The suggestion I made is:

I’d like to build a tracking system that tracks the path taken to find a geocache.

I also want to determine which parts of the path were taken on foot or by other means (most likely I’ll also need an accelerometer for better efficiency).

When viewed, the path, can be overlayed with a map (OSM, most likely).

If all the above goes well, I’d like, to try to give directions to a geocache. Initially, just by cardinal points, and later, maybe also keep streets in mind. But I’ll have to see how to use an OSM extract to be able to use this offline.

Here‘s the winning announcement.

Thing I’ll need to fix for future vlogs:

  • Align the camera so the focus doesn’t keep changing
  • Get better lighting
  • Disable notifications on the phone