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Plasma 5 and KF5 demo at UOS 2015

Two weeks ago was the release of the latest and greatest Kubuntu.

Kubuntu 15.04 Vivid Vervet brought to the market one very important and very significant change: It’s among the first distros to ship with Plasma 5 and the new KDE Frameworks 5.

In celebration of this, together with Aaron Honeycutt, Rick Timmis and of course Jonathan Riddell, I held a presentation of our new Kubuntu at the Ubuntu Online Summit 2015.

The session was chaired by Rick, who made sure we kept on track and didn’t exceed our allocated time frame. He made the introductions and presented each one of us.

After that, I talked about what KDE is, what it consists of and a bit about how it is organized followed by the migration from KDE SC 4 to KDE Frameworks 5.

Next came Aaron, who presented the new Plasma 5 and some of it’s widgets. When he was done with that, between the (huge amount of) questions, he presented a few of the applications Kubuntu 15.04 ships with: Krunner, Amarok, KDE Connect and Muon Discover. He gave a short demo of each one, of their interface and their capabilities.

After that, I’ve started my in depth presentation of Dolphin, Kate, Konsole, and just a quick snippet of Kontact. I’ve presented some of the core functions of these applications that amazed even Rick, and hopefully will help many users improve and speed up their workflow. Due to time restrictions I’ve barely managed to scratch the surface of what these apps can do.

After the presentation, I had a short chat with Rick regarding additional screencasts to dig deeper into these applications as a continuation of my Screencast series (of which I’ll talk about in a future blog post).

In the conclusion Rick told everyone how and from where to get the new Kubuntu, and invited everyone to give it a go.

You may find the recorded version of the session here, and for ease of access I’ve also embedded it here: