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  1. I’d almost come to Fosdem just to get the Konqui shirt…

  2. Foxy Foxy

    As I won’t make it to FOSDEM this year, unfortunately: will these also be available to be bought either via a web shop or at Randa? That would be awesome.

    Also I still would love to have a konqi plush in the new design.

    • Ovidiu-Florin Ovidiu-Florin

      If KDE will allow me, I’ll print more and make them available via a web shop. (Trademark rights)

  3. will be on sale at the fosdem or just for volunteers?

    • Ovidiu-Florin Ovidiu-Florin

      They will be available at the KDE booth at FOSDEM. I don’t know yet if they are for sale, or for what price.

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