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Linux Workspace Setup

After following a course on Coursera, I’ve seen something I’ve liked and thought on how can I improve it.

So I came up with this:

The GeekAliens Linux Workspace Setup

A forked GitHub repository with Linux configuration files which I’ve customized to my likings and thought that this can be useful for anybody.

The kit consists of:

  1. A setup script that updates and installs everything
  2. A .bashrc file with custom and very useful aliases and a pretty and informative bash prompt
  3. A .bash_profile that sets up a more comprehensive PATH
  4. A .screenrc file that customises the GNU Screen experience, providing tabs with a colorful display
  5. A few emacs configuration files that provide additional functionality and shortcuts to emacs

These for the moment and probably more in the future.

Some instructions are available in the Repo Wiki, with more to be added.


How to use:

Just run:

and this will install the configuration files to your $HOME directory.

To update, just execute the setup file again.

Feedback is always welcome.