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HOW TO: Enable Cover Switch on KDE

The following is presented in KDE 4.10.3.

The default way of application switching on KDE, by using (Left) Alt + Tab, is Thumbnails. A classic representation of the thumbnails of all opened applications in a row. switch_thumbnails

To bring a piece of eye candy to this functionality, you could try to use the Cover Switch.


The purpose of this article is to show how to enable Cover Switch on a KDE desktop. Even though at first glance it’s an easy task to achieve, it’s not exactly that intuitive for the beginner in KDE.

First go to System Settings -> Desktop Effects and in the All Effects tab, enable the Cover Switch effect. You may use the search function to find it easier. enable_cover_switch

Normally you would expect this to be all you have to do, but alas, this is not the case. This just enables the Cover Switch for use. Now you have to select it as the effect to use on task switch.


In order to do this you have to go to System Settings -> Window Behavior -> Task Switcher(the tabs on the left side). Here, on the Main tab you will find a combobox in the upper left part of the window that says Thumbnails. Here you have to select Cover Switch and then click on Apply and Voilà!!

UPDATE As pointed out by Martin Gräßlin and Mirosław Zalewski, if you choose Cover Switch in the last step show above, there is no need to enable before, it will be enabled automatically.