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My first Qt application

Good bye Java swing, Hello Qt.

Cross platform is very searched for these days, especially with the number of Linux users growing. The need to build an application that can be used everywhere existed for a very long time, and what I intend to present here is not something new, it’s just new to me.

Qt, pronounced „cute”, is a library for C++, but not limited to that, that can be used to write code that can be compiled on/for almost any operating system, including Linux, OS X, Windows, Android, and iOS(still under development).

As a test drive with Qt I’ve read a few things and with the help of an amazing playlist of video tutorials about Qt I’ve managed to build a extremely basic and simple application, just for the sake of testing it’s cross platformness.

For developing with the Qt library, the qt-project website offers an SDK that includes the library and an amazing IDE called Qt Creator that includes not just the text editor and debugger for C++, but also a Designer that can help anyone quickly create a GUI for their application. By the way, did I mention it is cross platform?

Anyhow, here is the project source code the Qt Creator project,  and here is the Linux binary and the Windows binary and ddl. On Ubuntu it should run without any problems (depending on the Ubuntu version), not sure about other Linux distros.