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LibreOffice 3.6 Romanian Linux deb Installer


This is a test script I made for easier installation of LibreOffice 3.6 for Debian based Linux distributions with the Romanian Language pack. This does not require any Linux command line skills. Just download the archive and double click the file called, and follow the instructions. After the installation, the Installer window will close automatically.

The kit contains the LibreOffice 3.6 Application and the Romanian Language Pack. If you wish to use this with a different language just download your preferred Language Pack from the

LibreOffice website and unpack it in the same directory where you’ve unpacked this one. It will automatically install all language packs in that directory. Download Link Attention! The script is provided as is, withought any warranty. Use it at your own risk. If your Linux distribution provides LibreOffice it is better to stick with that. This installer is made for people like me who like to always have the latest version of everything.

Update I’m continuing to work to improve the script. Right now I’ve managed to get everything in one bundle that works on any Debian based Linux distribution, but it must be run from the command line. I’m struggling to make a GUI for it. Because I’m a Kubuntu user, the first version will have only support for KDE, because I’m using kdialog for the GUI. I will publish it as soon as I have a stable version. After I’ll finish this I’ll start working on Gnome and RPM support. Depending on the feedback and requests for this , I will try to make more time to finish it.