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Lună: octombrie 2012

The Popinator, a new way of eating popcorn

People never get bored of thinking of new ways to do common stuff.

For example, how do you usually eat your popcorn? From a boll? From the bag? Are you using two fingers? Your hole hand?

The fellows over at Popcorn Indiana came up with an innovative new way to… eat popcorn.

My first Qt application

Good bye Java swing, Hello Qt.

Cross platform is very searched for these days, especially with the number of Linux users growing. The need to build an application that can be used everywhere existed for a very long time, and what I intend to present here is not something new, it’s just new to me.

Qt, pronounced „cute”, is a library for C++, but not limited to that, that can be used to write code that can be compiled on/for almost any operating system, including Linux, OS X, Windows, Android, and iOS(still under development).

Enable Remote Access in MySQL on Ubuntu/Linux

This is a short an simple tutorial on how to enable remote access on MySQL on Ubuntu/Debian:

  1. Edit the file /etc/mysql/my.cnf: at the line with: bind-address = …
  2. Replace with your server’s IP address.
  3. Save the file!!!
  4. Log in to MySQL: mysql -u root -p

LibreOffice 3.6 Romanian Linux deb Installer

This is a test script I made for easier installation of LibreOffice 3.6 for Debian based Linux distributions with the Romanian Language pack. This does not require any Linux command line skills. Just download the archive and double click the file called, and follow the instructions. After the installation, the Installer window will close automatically.