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Brain Salad Posts

“Multiple merge candidates, aborting” workaround

This bug has been around for a while, and as far as I can see it keeps coming back.

I’ve found a workaround that fixes the cause that makes Akonadi (and in turn Kmail) throw this error and stop syncing the emails.

I use Gmail and that’s the only thing I’ve tested it with, I have no idea if it works with other providers, actually I don’t know if you (still) have this problem with other providers.

So here it goes: the error is usually thrown when you move messages around folders, what I’ve seen is after I move my sent messages from the Sent folder to the folder with the discussion. Continue reading “Multiple merge candidates, aborting” workaround

Free Software Contributions in November 2015

This post came in a bit late, because I was unsure of what to write. I’ve been pretty busy this month with work and some family matters, so my contributions were pretty much non existant. Or so I thought. Then I remembered:

Contribution to Free Software is not just writing code, it’s anything you do for the improvement of a Free Software project.

This includes bug reports, translations, meetings, promotion, etc. And I’ve done plenty of those.

Let’s see now: (in what ever order I remember them) Continue reading Free Software Contributions in November 2015

KDevelop & Kate KDE Sprint in Berlin

At the beginning of this month, KDE held a sprint for KDevelop and Kate, where a bunch of us met and coded like crazy.

I was the first to arrive, in the morning of the 7th of October and around 10, and since I couldn’t get in the apartment till 14 I had some time to kill. So I decided to go for a little sight seeing in the nearby park.

In the evening people started to arrive, and started coding before unpacking. My first impression of them was: “These people really love to code”. Continue reading KDevelop & Kate KDE Sprint in Berlin

Raspberry Pi Geocache kit

I won a Raspberry Pi Geocache kit and it arrived yesterday, so I decided to go ahead and pursue my wish to have a vlog, and what better opportunity than now.

I’ve rigged some rubber bands to my lamp to hold my phone in place and after a few short tests: away I go: Let the unboxing start!

After the recording was finished I used KDE Connect to get the video files to my laptop and then what else but Kdenlive to edit it. I’ve learned a few things while doing this: Continue reading Raspberry Pi Geocache kit